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英語 中文 搜索 repression中文 (名) 抑制, 壓制; 制止; 鎮壓; 壓抑 repression中文 (名) 抑制, 壓制; 制止; 鎮壓; 壓抑 例句 Nigeria and Uganda have recently passed laws to tighten repression of homosexual acts
Responding to Chinese Repression in Xinjiang | Uyghur Human Rights Project
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法語répression的中文翻譯:f. 鎮壓;抑制;制止;壓抑專業辭典n.f.【心】壓抑répressionf.壓抑,阻遏,répression 例句,法語詞典。法 語 法中詞典 中法詞典 首頁>> 法中詞典>> R開頭詞條>> 法語répression的中文意思 中法詞典 répression 法語讀音:[reprεsjɔ
UN Agency Condemns Cambodia's Repression of Human Rights Defenders | Voice of America - English

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repression:when someone does not allow themselves to express feelings or desires which they are ashamed of, especially sexual ones – used when you think someone should express these feelings 這個區別更模糊:(因為英文一大段貼上來太長了,所以有興趣的人自己再連過去看就好 …
Survival and Repression of the Slave Trade from Gabon Until Congo in 1840–1880 eBook by Isaac Mampuya Samba - 9781546291022 | Rakuten Kobo
“oppression” 和 “repression” 的差別在哪裡?
oppression的同義字Good question. “Repression” refers mostly to a state of political suppression (e.g. where a government or dominant group is actively suppressing thoughts, belief systems, protests, activists, etc.) “Repression” can also refer to exercising restraint. Like “repression of sexual urges” would be exercising restraint and refraining from engaging in sexual activities
Pristina, Kosovo, 13 March 1998 - Ethnic Albanians Protest Against Serb Repression. Tensions Between Both Sides Have Reached A Boil In Recent Days ...
catabolite repression
出處/學術領域 英文詞彙 中文詞彙 學術名詞 化學名詞-化學術語 catabolite repression 分解代謝物壓制 學術名詞 生物學名詞-植物 catabolite repression 分解產物抑制作用 學術名詞 食品科技 catabolite repression 異化產物抑制 學術名詞
Tibetans in Japan join protests against China's repression - Central Tibetan Administration
28/10/2020 · repression (countable and uncountable, plural repressions) The act of repressing ; state of being repressed. History shows that when governments fear the truth and increase repression , their days are limited.
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心理防衛機制(英語: Defence mechanism )是指我們無意識的心理機制去減少因不可接受或潛在有害的事物而來的焦慮。 原始防禦機制是指童年生活經歷所形成的防禦機制,保護自己可以說是原始防禦機制的本質。心理防禦機制本身越原始,那麼其效果越差;離意識的邏輯方法越遠,則越 …
自我防禦機制的特徵 ·
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Catabolite repression
Catabolite repression allows micro-organisms to adapt quickly to a preferred (rapidly metabolisable) carbon and energy source first. This is usually achieved through inhibition of synthesis of enzymes involved in catabolism of carbon sources other than the preferred one.
Increasing Repression Leads to Tibetan Immolations: CECC | Central Tibetan Administration