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A is not to be confused with B.是什么意思_中文意思

滬江詞庫精選A is not to be confused with B.是什么意思,英語單詞推薦,翻譯A is not to be confused with B.是什么意思。有聲雙語美文:為什么愛總是被辜負?Quora:找工作,該考慮哪些重要因素 爆笑:超市里的那些戲精包裝和廣告
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Use/Used To 有甚麼不同?
(9) I used to like oranges. 我以前很愛吃橘子。[表示我現在已不愛吃] (10) She used to play the piano. 她以前會彈鋼琴。[表示她現在已不彈了] (11) I used to have long hair. 我以前長頭髮。[表示我現在是短頭髮] (12) I used to get up early.
be meant to be是什么意思
be meant to 是“打算,有意要”的意思,meant to be 是“命中注定”的意思,請問 be meant to be 什么意思?回答如下, 如果非常滿意, 還請采納, 謝謝!(1)mean+sth表示…的意思;意思是 If you can bear with me a little longer, you will see what I mean.

promise not to do中文,promise not to do的意思,promise not …

promise not to do中文的意思,翻譯及用法:承諾不做某事。英漢詞典提供【promise not to do】的詳盡中文翻譯,用法,例句等 英漢例句 my favorite part is when the law recommends offenders can lessen their sentence of internet loss if they promise not to do it again.
“Give or take” 是甚麼意思?
大家都知道 “Give” 是「給」,”Take” 是「取」的意思,那你們知道 “Give or take” 是甚麼意思嗎? “Give or take” 是日常生活英語會話中蠻常聽到的句子,其實它有兩個不同的意思。 “Give or take” 可以指「加減」。 (1) A: How much money do you have in your wallet? A: 你錢包有多少錢? B: Two thousand dollars, give or
The Ah Ku and Karayuki-san of Singapore - Their Lives: Sources, Method and a Historian's Representation in: Asian Journal of Social Science Volume ...
” not limited to ” 的用法(頁 1)
” not limited to ” 的用法 師兄, 想請教有關 “不限於” 的英文點講. 原意是 “這項工作不限於只有我們的部門去處理.”. 暗示其他部門亦可去處理. 可否這樣講 : 1) This kind of work is not limited to be prepared by our department; or

““I’m sorry to rush you.”” 和 ““I’m sorry for the rush. “” 的差別在哪 …

“I’m sorry to rush you.”的同義字There is not a huge difference when casually speaking. “I’m sorry to rush you.” is stating you are the one rushing them, so it could be seen as more polite. “I’m sorry for the rush.” is not stating who is rushing, so it could be just one
「房地產,房屋仲介」英文怎麼說?real estate 中文意思! | 全民學英文
“what’s not to love”是什麼意思? – 關於英語 (美國)的問題
what’s not to love的意思”What is there not to love? (about something/someone) Say your friend got a kitten. You said, ‘I love him, he’s adorable.’ Your friend would say ‘What’s not to love about him?’ You can’t really think of any reason why you won’t love a kitten. It’s
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